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Copenhagen Pictures

Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod, Denmark


Frederiksborg Castle: Royal residence in Hillerød Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød (a small town north of Copenhagen) is one of the past residences of Danish kings. The castle you can see today is actually the second one, built in the early 17th century on the site of an earlier castle (dating ...

Kronborg Castle and Boats in Helsingor, Denmark


Kronborg Castle in Helsingør was a strategic point In the past, Kronborg Castle in Helsingør used to be a very important point. The castle was built virtually on the very north-eastern point of Sjælland (Zealand Island) at the north entrance to Øresund, the strait between Denmark and Sweden. Distance between ...

Torvegade, View towards Knippelsbro


Torvegade Street in Copenhagen Torvegade is the main street in the district of Christianshavn, between Copenhagen inner city (Indre By) and Amager Island. It goes approximately in the north-south direction and passes through Christianshavns Torv (the district’s main square) on the way. The section of Torvegade that you can see ...

Bird Boxes on a House near Lergravsparken, Copenhagen


The house with bird boxes near Lergravsparken This picture was taken near Lergravsparken Metro Station on Amager Island in the south-eastern part of Copenhagen. You can see these coloured bird boxes when walking from Lergravsparken to the west (on Lergravsvej Street). Lergravsparken Lergravsparken is a park in north-eastern part of ...

Harbour of Dragor, South of Copenhagen, Denmark


Dragør old town and harbour: Dragør is a small (population 12,000) and very old town about 12 km far from the centre of Copenhagen at the south-eastern coast of Amager Island. It is worth visiting, as the old Danish small town character is well preserved here, as well as the ...

Christianshavns Kanal from Torvegade Bridge


Christianshavns Kanal in Copenhagen Christianshavns Kanal, as its name suggests, is the main canal running through the district of Christianshavn in Copenhagen. The Kanal is known as a relaxed place with many boats and houseboats. A cruise through Christianshavns Kanal is one of the highlights of Copenhagen canal cruises and ...

Wall Painting in Christiania, Copenhagen


Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen Freetown Christiania is a highly independent and quite controversial community in Copenhagen, known for it specific and laid back way of life. Christiania operates outside the common structures of Copenhagen and Denmark and is self-sufficient to a great extent. For tourists, it is an interesting place ...

Swans, Giant Egg, and Christianshavns Vold


Christianshavns Vold and Christiania This picture was taken from Torvegade, the main street running all the way across Copenhagen’s district of Christianshavn. This place is the very beginning of Christianshavn in the south (from Amager Island). The water separates Christianshavn from Amager. The trees you can see on the shore ...