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About CopenhagenStation.com website (what, who, contact etc.)

Using CopenhagenStation.com content (what is OK to do with CopenhagenStation.com content and what is not)

Guest articles and links (having your articles, posts, and links published on CopenhagenStation.com)

I have a specific travel related question or problem. (e.g. lost luggage, schedules, directions, tickets)

About CopenhagenStation.com

How can I contact CopenhagenStation.com?

Please use the Contact page. In any case, please see the rest of this page first. It is quite likely that you’ll find your answer much faster here.

What is CopenhagenStation.com?

CopenhagenStation.com is a website, blog, and travel guide to Copenhagen and Denmark. It also contains a photoblog (or picture gallery), Copenhagen Pictures. See more information about CopenhagenStation.com.

Is CopenhagenStation.com available in other languages?

At this moment, the content on CopenhagenStation.com is only available in English.

Is CopenhagenStation.com part of any travel company?

CopenhagenStation.com is not owned by any travel agency or any travel booking operator. CopenhagenStation.com is not a travel agency.

CopenhagenStation.com has affiliate relationships with several service providers, including particularly (but not limited to) Booking.com. An affiliate relationship means that when you use a service of one of these providers here (e.g. you book a hotel), CopenhagenStation.com gets a commission. Selection of these service providers is always based on personal experience and conviction that their services are useful, reliable, and represent good value for price paid. Note that they are usually market leaders in the travel industry.

Using CopenhagenStation.com content

How can I use content I find on CopenhagenStation.com (and how not)?

You can save it to your computer, print it, and use it for personal use.

You are not allowed to publish it anywhere (regardless of the purpose being commercial or non-commercial) without a written permission from CopenhagenStation.com. “Written” also includes email.

Can I publish an article from CopenhagenStation.com on my website/blog?

No. All content on CopenhagenStation.com is protected by copyright. If you wish to publish an article or big part of it on your website, blog, or other kinds of media, you must obtain written permission from CopenhagenStation.com first (before publishing it, not after). Note that placing a link to CopenhagenStation.com on the same page does not absolve you from the obligation to obtain written permission for publishing the content. “Written” also includes email.

Can I quote part of an article from CopenhagenStation.com on my website/blog?

Yes. If you want to tell others about CopenhagenStation.com or add your opinion or your view to something published on CopenhagenStation.com, feel free to quote short excerpt (generally 3-5 sentences or less) of a CopenhagenStation.com article on your website or blog. Mention the source and add a link to the original CopenhagenStation.com article (then CopenhagenStation.com may link back to your website from the original article).

Guest articles and links

Do you accept guest articles or guest blog posts (and will you link to my site)?

CopenhagenStation.com does NOT publish guest content and does not accept any content-for-links arrangements. Please do NOT contact CopenhagenStation.com with such enquiries. You won’t get any reponse.


I have a specific travel related question or problem.

Examples: lost luggage, bus or train timetables, directions (how to get from A to B), where to get tickets to an event, etc.

Unfortunately, CopenhagenStation.com does not have the human resources necessary to answer travel questions on an individual basis. Effort is made to answer the most typical questions and publish relevant contact information openly on the website. Please try to use search in the top right corner of this page.

I have another question not mentioned here.

Feel free to use the contact form to ask.

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