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Copenhagen Public Transport

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Greater Copenhagen public transport network

Copenhagen has an efficient and well developed public transportation system that extends beyond the border of the city itself to all parts of the Sjælland (Zealand) island and even over the Øresund Bridge to the neighbouring Skåne region in the south of Sweden.

S-trains and regional trains

The core of Greater Copenhagen‘s public transport system are the red S-trains (S-train is S-tog in Danish) with lines marked with letters A through H. S-trains connect the centre of Copenhagen with the nearby suburbs. More remote parts of Sjælland and Skåne in Sweden are served by DSB (Danske Statsbaner, Danish State Railways) regional trains, which are referred to as Re-tog (regional train).

Copenhagen metro

The train network is complemented by the relatively new Copenhagen metro (opened in 2002), which carries passengers from the S-train hub station Nørreport to Frederiksberg on one side and the city centre, Amager island, and Kastrup Airport on the other side.


Places not covered by the train and metro network are served by the numerous bus lines. The buses in Copenhagen have different categories depending mostly on distance and frequency of stops. Buses with blue signs and the letter S behind the number (e.g. 250S) are faster and take you from one end of the city to another. Buses with red signs and the letter A (e.g. 5A) also cover long distances, but stop more frequently. Buses with just a number without any letter (e.g. 14) and any other colour (in addition to the generally used yellow) usually service complementary and local lines.

Zones, tickets, and prices

Although operated by multiple companies, the system uses unified tickets, which makes travelling within the Greater Copenhagen area a pleasant experience. The whole vast region around Copenhagen is divided into zones and various kinds of tickets with different duration and zone combinations exist.

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