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Copenhagen Metro

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New and modern metro in Copenhagen

Copenhagen metro is among the youngest (opened in 2002) and most modern in the world. In its driverless trains you can watch the tunnel virtually from the driver’s seat, which is a tourist attraction by itself for train and technology fans (unfortunately there are no buttons to actually drive it).

Fast way of transport

More importantly, together with S-trains the metro offers a comfortable and fast way of getting around the major parts of inner Copenhagen, limited only by minor reliability issues and delays from time to time.

2 lines: M1 and M2

While there are plans for future expansion, the network of Copenhagen metro is not very dense yet. In fact, it currently has just two lines (M1 and M2) in operation and on more than half of the distance the same tracks are shared by the two lines. Read more about the routes of both lines.

Tickets and prices

The metro is fully integrated with other means of public transport in Copenhagen and the same ticket is valid for the metro, S-trains, buses, and even few boat lines. One thing that people unfamiliar with the system should beware is the system of zones, in case of the metro mainly the fact that a big part of Amager Island including the Kastrup airport belongs to a different zone than the inner city. The border of the zones is at Sundby station on M1 and at ├śresund station on M2. For travelling beyond these, you need a more expensive ticket or an additional clip on your klippekort. Being a foreigner and not being familiar with the zones and tariffs is a bad excuse and will not help you in case of tickets check.

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